Rolling Stone Article

Well I got my name mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine, I guess I can retire now.

I wish I had said something slightly more profound. What did I do with my 2 seconds of fame? Basically I said, “His wife is hot.”. Real classy move Niles. But I’ll take it. It’s part of a long running joke I’ve had with my friend Jeremy. He used to video conference with his girlfriend when we shared a room in Africa while filming a project long ago. I’d usually come stumbling in late at night and he’d be on his laptop chatting away with an attractive woman. I’d mumble something about her being hot as I crashed into my single bed that was about 2 feet away from his.

Eventually they got married and I kept the joke going by always yelling in the background when he was talking to her, “Your wife is hot!”. It’s pretty funny that of all the things I said while sharing an RV in the desert outside of Area 51 with Stephen Rodrick, Rolling Stone’s embedded journalist, that’s the one that made it into print. It’s a cool article, you should read it and learn about the Yeti.

“I call her Yeti because most people have never met her and doubt she exists,” says Corbell. Niles, his cameraman, chimes in, “I just call her ‘hot.’”

– Rolling Stone Magazine

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