Pool Party

Here is a fun little video I shot last weekend at my friend’s saltwater pool with my GoPro HERO 3 Black. The first one that I ordered was defective but they sent me a replacement, it just took some time. I wanted to try out some of the slow motion options. The image quality is not great and to get 120fps you have to drop the resolution down to 720p, but it is a $400 waterproof camera that fits in the palm of your hand. I wish I had turned on the “ProTune” option so that I might have gotten a little more dynamic range out of it, I’ll do that for the next weekend project. I conformed the footage to 23.98 CineForm QuickTime files and brought those into FCPX for the edit. Final Cut doesn’t really like that codec so I should have created optimized ProRes files but this was quick and dirty. I exported the edited piece and brought that into After Effects for some color correction and film grain which took a couple of hours to render but gave it a nice look.

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