The Levenger Tapes

A feature film I camera operated on last year for director Mark Robinson with cinematographer Magdalena Gorka appears to finally be finished. The Levenger Tapes was shot with my 5D kit as well as a second 5D kit they put together. I was only on it for the final week of production so I didn’t get to enjoy the all night shoots in the desert.

Prior to this most of my experience had been shooting documentary style productions where I was always fishing around for the best shot. Magdalena saw me looking for a shot while waiting for our actor to hit their mark and said sternly in her thick Polish accent , “Niles, what the fuck you doing? Hold you fucking shot!”. Duly noted. She has gone on to shoot one of the biggest movies of the year and I hope to work with her again in the future.

“Detectives in a remote town pore through every frame of a troubling tape to find the whereabouts of three missing college students. The chilling footage becomes more and more disturbing when the students come upon the bloody dress of an 8-year-old girl in the secluded wilderness and take it upon themselves to find her. Linking the case of the missing girl and the missing students together, the detectives race to piece enough information together to find them alive.”

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