New Website Goes Live…

Stand by. I’m working on it.

I’ve had this website since 1998 and after many iterations of custom HTML, PHP, CSS and Flash, today I installed WordPress. I also redirected my other very popular and mostly pointless domain “” to this site. It was terribly out of date and though thousands of people visit it every day I had no motivation to update it. Sorry if you are looking for that, it is gone, but check out my reel while you are here. ; )

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Hey Niles,
    Gotta admit, I’m a little sad to see fuckitall go down. But not to the point where I’m going to whine. It’s just…that was a special place on the internet for me. I remember 1998, I was 14 and surfing the web all bummed out. I randomly typed in and found it. And the site, the stories, just the general vibe of the site resonated with me strongly. So much, that now here I am, 26 and surfing the web all bummed out, and it was almost reflex for me to open a new tab and type that URL once again. So, now it’s gone – but you know what? A part of me is happy…it seems you had moved on from that site a long time ago (when was your last update? 2004 or something?) so maybe it’s time for me to bury that dead horse my mind likes to kick from time to time. Cheers sir, I’ll never forget what that page used to mean to me, maybe I’ll find something a little more upbeat to resonate with on this new page.

    1. Thanks Cliff, was a long strange ride. I got death threats over the Bush video, marriage proposals from underage girls, envelopes of cash mailed to me and a lot of random correspondence with despondent people across the world. It was an experiment and I think it was a successful one though I’ve never been able to put into words what exactly that experiment was. I still own the domain so I might do something with it again some day but currently I’m focusing on my career as a cinematographer and filmmaker.

      1. I see that – you’ve been involved in some pretty heavy stuff man! My personal opinion on what the experiment may have been would probably be “Exactly how alone am I?” – and I think you found the answer was “not very”. You put yourself out there and found out who you had for company on the internet…some good (envelopes of cash? Fuckin’ SWEET), some bad, and some weird. All in all, I would venture to say very worthwhile. And I’m happy to be one of the guys who stood in the back corner only to come forth and say “Hi” after the experiment was over. An objective observer? Maybe, maybe not. But then, maybe part of the experiment was to show me how “not very” alone I am.

        You are/were a strange inspiration to behold, but an inspiration nonetheless. I hope you take pride in that 🙂

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