Celebrity Adventure Club

Episode 1 – Jon Cryer’s Space Odyssey

Jon Cryer’s lifelong passion for space exploration takes him from the USA to Russia as he trains with astronauts and cosmonauts, navigates the International Space Station, experiences weightlessness and tests his limits in a centrifuge.

Episode 2 – Terry Crews’ Motor City

Tired of all the negative press about Detroit, Terry Crews shares the positive changes coming out of his hometown. From painting murals over graffiti to creating new sources of clean energy through community gardens, Terry showcases the people who are making a difference in the Motor City.

Episode 3 – Eric Stonestreet’s World War II

Eric Stonestreet sets off on an epic journey through Hawaii, Alaska and Washington to reveal stories of WWII espionage and rare details of battles fought in the Pacific.

Produced by Herzog&Company for the Travel Channel
Director of Photography: Niles Harrison